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Caroline Green stands next to her "Humanoid"series

opening night, Gallery Zero Portland, OR.             

"Jennifer's Leg" by Caroline Green

Acrylic on canvas



"Say it with Swine" by Caroline Green

Acrylic on canvas

SOLD to Private Collector Portland OR

Caroline Green comes from a family full of artists ranging from painters, wood workers, poets, musicians and authors. Caroline grew up surrounded by the art world where weekend trips to museums, galleries and art stores were a common occurrence. Seeing such works as Pollock and Monet helped fuel Caroline's passion and curiosity for the arts. Grocery store trips almost always guaranteed a new coloring book. Christmas and birthday gifts were mostly art supplies for the young artist, such as extra large boxes of crayons, markers, colored pencils, spin art and airbrush machines.

As a child, Caroline would watch her mother, Janice, paint in her studio. Janice became Caroline's first art teacher, and gave Caroline her first water colors and acrylics to use. With these tools, Caroline was shown how to use a straw to blow water color paints around on paper. As Caroline's skills developed she eventually moved into oils and other mediums such as encaustics and pastels. Janice taught her the formula of mixing pigments with dammar crystals and beeswax for creating encaustic medium and how to melt and manipulate the wax.

By the time Caroline was ready for high school, she was already armed with years worth of experience and was accepted into the Arts and Communication High School, C. E. Mason in Beaverton, Oregon. This high school was focused around the arts, and gave Caroline the opportunity to try many different styles and techniques. The school often had Artists in Residence week where local artists would come in and teach the students in their craft including glass work, ceramics, mosaics and sculpting. Caroline got the opportunity to try many types of mediums through these years, and ultimately realized her passion was with painting.

After high school Caroline attended Portland Community College, graduating with her Associates degree. Caroline spent most of her time there in the studio taking as many art classes as possible. She would often retake the same art class up to its limit of three just for the pleasure of it. Often, in these classes the same prop object was used for still life scenes. One of these items was a foam rabbit. You can see the progression of time with this rabbit in Caroline’s work throughout the years. One such piece, “Alice”, was one of the first paintings with the rabbit in it. The rabbit’s ears were perked and the body strong. Years later we see the rabbit in “Bunny”, with cracks along its beaten body, eyes distorted, and one ear completely gone.

In 2008 Caroline stepped into the art market with her first body of work, “Admiring the View”. These paintings were heavily influenced by the world of medicine. At the time, Caroline was working in the operating room of a Portland hospital. It was this environment that inspired her to paint these beautifully executed muted paintings. All the paintings incorporated the use of just four colors, but with these four colors she was able to create a wonderful range of hues and values. The subjects were reflections of this world and her life in it both as a patient and employee. Caroline took moments from her past and used them in these creations, one example being “Jennifer’s Leg”. In this piece we see a small child off in the background appearing over a medical table with a leg being worked on. A device with rods bolted into the leg is laid out in the foreground.

Caroline has always had a love and passion for animals and in 2012 she began working on a new series, Pet Portraits. Originally intended only as gift, these paintings became a hot commodity. Soon, Caroline had created over 100 unique portraits of dogs, cats and other critters for pet lovers everywhere. Using the techniques from her water color lessons as a child, she was able to create similar effects with acrylic paints. Each painting delicately layered with vibrant colors and strong composition make them stand out in any room. Many of these pieces are painted on Birch wood, with glazes of acrylic paint layered with abstract designs. These pieces are specifically created to reflect the pet’s personality with emphasis on the eyes. Caroline donates a percentage of each work to various shelters and animal organizations around the world. These works are still available for commissions. You can contact Caroline through this website to inquire about these works.










In 2013 Caroline was picked up by Gallery Zero. It was here that she started a new body of work that combined all previous styles and techniques. The “Humanoid” series contains large scale portraits of individuals engaging in bizarre behavior with medical equipment and silhouettes of creatures overlayed on the individual all while using a saturated color palette. These paintings are vibrant in color yet dark in imagery making them intriguing works of art. Each piece depicts the relationship of various phobias and struggles that humans face. The silhouettes are reflections of each of these struggles and show a kind of symbiotic relationship with the human figure. It was these artworks that helped to launch Caroline into international recognition and success and were the subject of multiple national articles and publishing including Studio Visit Magazine.













Soon after the Humanoid work Caroline joined the Peoples Art of Portland Gallery. Not only was she a displayied artist, but she also began working at the gallery learning the business side to selling art and putting on shows. Green stayed with Peoples Art until its closure in 2016.

At the same time as being an artist and volunteer with People’s, Caroline also became the Vice Chair to the Gresham Art Committee. She began volunteering her time curating shows, selling art, and helping other artists to break out onto the art scene. Caroline eventually left the Gresham Art Committee to move across town to West Portland where she currently resides with her husband and pets.

Caroline's most recent works of landscapes applies her past creations with new subject matter. She finds things in nature and amplifies it, such as intensifying the color or over exaggerating the lighting. By incorporating the saturated color palette and the use of silhouettes she creates vibrant landscapes that genuinely set her work apart from the rest. Her complexity of color glazing creates an interesting new take on landscapes. Caroline is inspired by the lush forests of the Pacific Northwest and the wildlife that accompanies it. She enjoys hiking and partaking in outdoor activities in the summer months in Oregon and Washington. On more than one occasion she has come face to face with woodland creatures on her hikes including wolves, deer, elk, owls and foxes. You can see the passion from her experiences expressed on the canvas.

Caroline is scheduled for several shows for 2024 containing the new landscape work. Please check back for updates and locations


Acrylic on wood

SOLD to Private Collector Seattle WA

Peoples Art of Portland Gallery, Portland, OR. Front Window.

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