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La Strada Chalk Art Festival 2024

This annual summer festival in Hillsboro, Oregon is an immersive community engagement distinct from all others offered in the Portland Metro area of Oregon’s Washington, Clackamas, or Multnomah Counties. This Oregon chalk art festival provides a window into the creative process wherein festival goers can engage with nationally-recognized and emerging visual artists as they carefully manipulate bold, colorful pigments to produce huge, temporary drawings down the center of the street(s); most averaging 10’x10’. Festival-goers come from all over the USA to watch as artists work in real-time on their street paintings.

Simultaneous to the visual arts exhibitions, local performing artists fill the air with rhythm and sound from the festival’s main stage and multiple pop-up locations int he event footprint. Local art vendors line 2nd and 3rd Avenues offering unique items and inspirations to attendees. Attendees of all ages are encouraged to take part in hands-on activities being provided by local nonprofit organizations. The annual summer art festival, held in Downtown Hillsboro’s Cultural Arts District, combines community engagement and art appreciation into one FREE fun-filled weekend!

Whispering Ginkgoes

A Novel

Caroline Green Whispering Ginkgoes Cover


I have been wanting to write a novel for many years. I always thought of it as a daunting task, until one day in late 2020 I finally sat down and did it. 

This book contains several personal experiences, some of which are unexplained. But it should be noted that in the end, this book is absolutely a work of fiction. The characters (including their thoughts) are made up, even though there are similarities with real people. 

I hope that the reader will enjoy the journey this book takes them on, through the unique landscapes of the Pacific NW. 

Please keep in mind, this is my first novel. 


A short while after Lizzie Barros’ mother dies from an aggressive bone cancer, Lizzie begins to experience strange disturbances in her rental house and at work. But she isn’t the only one. Her roommates and boyfriend Will are also seeing strange things too.

Is this the spirit of her late mother trying to communicate or is something much darker stalking her? Lizzie discovers that there are creatures in this world that live among us unseen, some of which are more sinister than others.

Lizzie is plunged into a new world of the paranormal while discovering an ancient creature who lives unknowingly among humans.

Starry Night Inn

Seaside, OR


The Starry Night Inn is a six room villa with a Victorian home, hostel and cabins. The hotel features Oregon artist throughout its walls giving it a unique fun atmosphere. More info can be found on their website.

I am honored to have several pieces of my work featured at the hotel for 2018-Current. There will be both original paintings and prints available to purchase at the hotel. Cabin 3, aka the bird cabin, is exhibiting all my bird prints, while the Victorian house is displaying all original oil paintings.  

starry night inn caroline green art.jpg
The owls are not what they seem by carol
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