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CarolineGreen Art Mural_ephemeralGallery.jpg

Mural Pricing & Info

  • Due to physical limitations, murals are limited to no more than 10ft high and 25 feet wide.

  • PRICE - $20 per square foot (minimum $300 for murals under 15sqft).

  • 50% down is required to lock in mural, remaining balance is due upon completion.



  1. Mockup of design

  2. Power washing surface (if available power and water source)

  3. High quality acrylic or latex mural paints

  4. Mural sealant AND anti-graffiti coating ($200 value)

  5. Possible video of process (on youtube)

Need Help Paying For Your Project?

There are many grant options available in your local area. Here is a list of a few from around the Portland, Oregon area. 

Regional Arts & Culture Council

City of Hillsboro Art & Culture Council

Oregon Arts Commission 

Cultural Coalition Washington County

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